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Who is Barre Good For?

Who is barre good for?!  Who isn’t barre good for?   We often get questions about who should do barre or who shouldn’t.  But we truly believe that barre is a fantastic and effective workout for all ages and ability levels!   – Barre will challenge you and your muscles no matter what your fitness […]

What’s Your Mantra?

We just got new socks for sale in the studio!  We’re calling them our “Mantra Socks”!  Why Mantra Socks?  They have inspirational messages on them: be strong be brave be fearless One pair says “be grateful”.  When I look down at these socks, and my legs are shaking, I’m always reminded now of all I […]

What Makes Barre Classes Effective

Before I started barre, almost my entire workout routine consisted of running with a little of what I called “light strength and cross training” but really consisted of only a few push-ups and maybe a day or two a week on a stationary bike and virtually no stretching! My quads were definitely strong, but my weak […]

What to Wear to Barre

What to Wear to Barre We love the dance inspired look of barre clothes and thought we’d share some of our favorites with you! Our barre class will have you stretching and moving — a lot We recommend that you wear long pants or leggings that allow for easy movement.  Some of our recommendations are: the […]

Beats by Barre

Practice Makes Perfect — Naturally, I spend A LOT of time going over exercises; working out the timing and making sure that each workout will optimally cover every muscle group, leaving attendees fatigued (but not overwhelmed), and excited to return!  I try to put together a class that is challenging and fun; a class that I […]