About Detroit Barre

Detroit Barre creates a dedicated space where students of all fitness levels and backgrounds can practice barre technique, improve their health, and positively affect their lives through movement, music, and community.

Our Technique

Barre is a dynamic group fitness class focused on low-impact, isometric exercises that combine ideas from ballet, pilates and yoga. 

Based on the revolutionary technique developed by dancer Lotte Berk, barre provides a full-body workout designed to strengthen, lengthen, define, and tone muscles. 

Classes focus around the ballet barre where clients work through a progression of movements targeting muscles throughout the entire bodyOur expert instructors provide detailed cueing, hands-on adjustments, and modifications to support all clients throughout class. 

Our Teachers


Amanda loved taking barre classes — morning class, evening classes, weekend classes — basically all barre classes. The only logical next step was to become a barre instructor. By day, Amanda serves as a corporate trainer, and her skill in motivating adult learners shines through in all her classes: you may find her next to you at the barre suggesting, “Let’s all lift our heels a little higher.” 

Amanda trained to teach barre classes with Detroit Barre.


Growing up dancing, Claire has always enjoyed movement and music.  With a history of taking and teaching classes in tap and ballet for both adults and children, she jumped at the opportunity to teach barre as well.  She loves curating the perfect playlist, bringing a variety of exercises and connecting with all of the students that visit the studio.  

Claire trained to teach barre classes with Barre-Om.


Kristen discovered barre classes in her neighborhood and has been loving the benefits ever since!  She brings a great enthusiasm to all her classes.  She’s even been overheard saying, “Knee dancing second?  Whatever!  We’re changing lives here!  One thigh exercise at a time!”  

Kristen trained to teach barre classes with Barre-Om.


Laura initially turned to barre as cross-training to supplement her jogging habit. While living on the East coast, she began taking classes at an independent barre studio. After moving back to Detroit, she identified a lack of local, community-based barre studios in the area and in 2014 founded Detroit Barre. 

Laura loves that barre strengthens and stretches all the muscles that many other fitness modalities neglect. Her classes focus on educating clients in proper barre technique with an emphasis on developing the mind-body connection. While she won’t promise you’ll leave class taller, she insists that you will feel that way!

Laura studied with a premier, independent barre studio on the East Coast and then trained to teach barre with Barre-Om.


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Kate trained to teach barre classes with Detroit Barre.


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Mallory trained to teach barre classes with Detroit Barre.