Our Classes

Detroit Barre classes are great for all fitness levels. No dance experience required! Our expert instructors provide detailed cues, hands-on adjustments, and modifications to support all clients throughout class.

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Group and private classes available upon request. For more information, send us an email!


Barre is a dynamic full-body fitness class, inspired by ballet-technique, and combined with strength-training, cardio, pilates, and yoga. Classes focus around the ballet barre, where students stretch, lift, and burn while working target-areas: core, legs, seat, and arms. With high-energy music and hands-on instruction, clients effectively lengthen, strengthen, sculpt, and tone muscles. 

Great for all fitness levels. No dance experience required!

Barre Essentials

Barre Essentials introduces barre technique to new clients and challenges intermediate and advanced clients to focus more on form and breath. Classes follow the traditional barre class format and provide the same strengthening, sculpting, and toning benefits with emphasis on foundational barre concepts.

Barre Cardio

Barre Cardio blends the dynamic, full-body elements of a traditional barre class with aerobic components that get the heart pumping! This combination of cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and stretching creates a fantastically efficient, effective workout that targets large and small muscle groups along the front and back of the body. 

This class is recommended for clients who have taken several barre classes and are familiar with the technique, but beginners are always welcome!

Barre Cardio Blend

An express version of our traditional barre class with cardio components blended in! While not a full “Barre Cardio” class, this class will get your heart rate up and deliver a total-body burn in just 45 minutes. 

This class is recommended for clients who have taken several barre classes and are familiar with the technique, but beginners are always welcome!

Barre Unwind

Featuring all the heart-pumping, strengthening benefits of a traditional barre workout PLUS an added focus on stretching to release muscles and increase flexibility. Class begins with 35 minutes of barre exercises and isometric holds followed by 15 minutes of deep stretching in longer-held postures.

Barre Dash

A 45-minute version of our classic barre class. Perfect for the days when you can’t spend a whole hour at the barre.

Community Barre

Our classic barre class– FREE for the community! One of the core values of Detroit Barre is to remove barriers to achieving wellness and gaining strength through empowering movement. We aim to offer one free Community class each month. (Sign-up required.)

Virtual Classes

Our virtual live-stream classes are broadcasted via Zoom. A limited number of in-studio classes are live-streamed for you to tune into, or you take one of our “purely” virtual classes. Check out the virtual class schedule here!

On Demand

Hit the barre anytime, anywhere with our library of on-demand barre classes!

Attendance / Cancellation Policy

We love having you join us for class, and we hope that the following attendance/cancellation policies will enhance your experience at the studio!

  • For your first class: Please arrive at least 15 minutes early so that we can get you checked in and ready to get started!
  • Classes begin promptly at the scheduled time. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early for class.
  • Studio doors are locked during class, so you may not be able to enter class if you are late. We may also allow another student to take your spot.
  • Our cancellation window is 2 hours before class. If you miss a class or do not cancel within 2 hours prior to class time, you may be charged for the class.
  • We recommend (but do not require) that you wear grippy socks for barre class. Grippy socks are available for purchase at the studio. 
  • No need to bring any equipment to class. Water bottles are welcome in the studio!
  • Winter Policy: In the event of inclement weather, morning classes may be canceled. Registered clients will be notified as soon as possible in the event of cancelled class, and class credits will be returned to your account. 

Check our schedule or find us on Instagram (@detroit_barre) or Facebook for up to date information about classes.