Who is Barre Good For?

Who is barre good for?!  Who isn’t barre good for?  

We often get questions about who should do barre or who shouldn’t.  But we truly believe that barre is a fantastic and effective workout for all ages and ability levels!  

– Barre will challenge you and your muscles no matter what your fitness level is.  One of the fundamentals of barre is working each muscle group to fatigue.  When the muscles fibers work to exhaustion, they break down and are rebuilt stronger!  Combined with bursts of cardio, we build strength and burn calories!

– Barre can be modified for all fitness abilities.  You’re in control of how hard you work in a barre class — you can always modify a movement by creating a smaller range of motion or working in a slightly higher position.  Need some suggestions?  Check with your instructor at your next class!

– Barre will energize you!  Tired after a long day in the office?  Feeling sapped of energy?  There’s no better way to re-energize than a workout with music, a ballet barre, and your local barre community!

We love all the inspirational stories of those who have used their time at the barre  to stay strong while expecting, to combat chronic illness, or to recover from an injury!  What’s your story?  What will it be?

Of course if you are pregnant or have questions about your physical condition or a serious illness or injury, you should always speak with your doctor before beginning any new exercise regimen.