Beats by Barre

Practice Makes Perfect — Naturally, I spend A LOT of time going over exercises; working out the timing and making sure that each workout will optimally cover every muscle group, leaving attendees fatigued (but not overwhelmed), and excited to return!  I try to put together a class that is challenging and fun; a class that I would enjoy taking, including the music – because when it comes to class preparation, choosing the music is my favorite part! 

Mixing it Up — I consider my taste in music to be highly eclectic, and I try to impart my passion for this diversity into the playlist I make for my classes. Like most music fanatics,  I love to explore when it comes to finding new music. Through Pandora, the radio, and (sometimes) my husband, I’m exposed to new music everyday. So typically, I find myself compiling barre mixes with some old and familiar tunes that clients will know, while adding some of my new favorites into the mix.  So don’t be surprised when I bring back the classics : ) Finally, I spend some time reviewing the music I would like and making sure it times out  so that songs and exercises flow. When all the preparation is ready, I get to share what I have planned with you, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

– Jamie