Why Does Detroit Need a Barre Studio?

When I moved back to Detroit from the East Coast, I was so excited about all the new ideas and energy in and around Detroit.  Detroit may have declared bankruptcy last year – but no way should anyone count the people of Detroit out! 
The one thing I missed living in downtown Detroit were the great workouts I got at my independent barre studio out East.  Barre workouts combine strength training, cardio, and exercises designed to increase balance and flexibility – not to mention the aspects of dance, upbeat music, and the fantastic community of people the barre studio drew together!  
In short, barre positively affected my life.
Wouldn’t it be great to give the people of Detroit a dedicated barre studio like this?  This is my inspiration for founding Detroit Barre.  To be able to give back to the people of Detroit.  To give them a great workout for people of all ages and ability levels, a place where people of diverse backgrounds can come together to improve both their fitness levels and their lives.  
Just think of us as your neighborhood barre – we hope you’ll join us here soon!
– Laura

2 thoughts on “Why Does Detroit Need a Barre Studio?

  1. Anne Crook

    I absolutely loved my first barre class at Detroit Barre yesterday! Running is my exercise of choice and I think barre will help me hit more muscle groups and make me a better runner overall. I plan to be there every weekend schedule permitting. Thank you for giving the Detroit community this awesome opportunity! I wish you lots of success.

  2. Cyndi

    You space is cool and quaint. The workout was an excellent WORKout. Welcome to Detroit!

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