What Three Words Describe our Barre Classes?

Comprehensive!  Barre classes provide a great, overall workout. You’ll get your heart rate up with some cardio. You’ll get strength training — both in the muscles we often target with other cardio activities (quads, calves, abs, biceps) but also in some of the harder-to-target muscles (hamstrings, glutes, back, shoulders, triceps). You’ll even do some stretching. We know. We sometimes skip stretching when we work out on our own, too.  But, just think, this way you’ll definitely get your stretching in!

Challenging!  But in a good way.  What keeps people coming back to barre?  There’s always something you can improve upon — always something to learn and get better at.  The isometric movements in barre require control and precision.  No one’s perfect at it, but there’s always a new goal to push towards.  Maybe it’s doing a full push-up.  Maybe it’s making it through the thigh exercises without pausing.  Maybe it’s finally understanding how to tuck in flatback! 

Exhilarating!  Did we say get your heart rate up?  Plus music?  Plus sneaking in a few dance moves when no one’s looking?  You won’t miss out on your endorphin high after barre!  And we hope you’ll make a few friends along the way to keep the feeling going!

– Laura