Making the Most of Your Barre Class

Perfect the tuck:

The tuck is often one of the most confusing concepts for new clients – you are not alone! To find your tuck lay flat on your back with knees bent. Sharply exhale through your mouth driving the movement from your abdominal muscles. This sharp exhale should create a slight pelvic tilt. This small but super-effective movement is the basis for many exercises throughout class.

Let it shake:

Work toward bringing each muscle group to fatigue during your practice. You know you’ve gotten the most out of your muscles when you start to feel that shake! No matter how many classes you’ve taken or how strong you are, your muscles should fatigue with every exercise in every class you take. So, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let it shake!

Take the rebound out:

Barre is all about tiny isometric movements. When working on triceps with weights, think about lifting the weights higher and higher rather than letting them ever drop lower. When squeezing the ball between your inner thighs during the thigh section, think about squeezing tighter and tighter on the ball rather than letting the ball rebound to its original shape. When bend-stretching during seat work, think about getting the leg straighter and straighter and removing the bend from the movement.

Give it time:

Barre is a mental as well as a physical workout. It takes time to learn all of the different variations and understand the movements. The best thing about barre is that you are constantly improving but the classes never get “easier.” So come to class and give yourself permission to learn – your body will thank you for it!

Want even more tips for getting the most out of each and every class? Talk to a teacher before or after class for more suggestions!

– Anna