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Kind Words

Facebook (5/5, 33 reviews)

“Surrounded by a wonderful, beautiful and caring atmosphere plus an extremely good workout, it’s just a great place to be. Thanks Detroit Barre!” – Betsy K. 01/18/2017

“I was a little hesitant on switching over from my old studio, but moving to Detroit and driving 45 minutes to barre was not an option anymore. I am so glad that I picked this place. I love the class sizes, the personal attention from the instructors and the all-around feeling of inclusion from everyone. I think this is the BEST place to be at the barre by far!” – Alessandra N. 03/09/2017

“I hosted a bachelorette, pre-party workout here. Laura was amazing with all our girls, novice and experienced. She also was able to laugh with us but still kick out butts. The team at Detroit Barre was so accommodating and made booking the private class so easy. Highly recommend!” – Paige E. 05/07/2019

“All the women who teach here are friendly, helpful, and kind. I have never had a bad class here in three years. I felt physically prepared to give birth a little over a year ago thanks to a regular routine here; they worked with me every step of my pregnancy to help me feel strong, and like a true warrior mama! 🙂 It’s affordable, and they have a wide variety of options outside of work hours.” – Kaity N. 10/22/2018

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Groupon (5/5 stars, 300 ratings)

“Great workout! If you’ve done a bit of Pilates and a bit of yoga before, you will do just fine. Using the barre was new for me but overall it was a great experience. The hour passed before I knew it and I will definitely be returning even after my Groupon expires. Great atmosphere, music, and instructors!” – Angelena 01/12/17

“My sister and I went and were challenged. It was something we hadn’t done before but enjoyed. We left feeling accomplished and happy as you would want after a work out.” – DeHonee 02/11/2020

“Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, the studio is is pleasant, and the workout was challenging.” – Victoria 07/31/2019

“I’m a regular at my gym, bike, and run, but Detroit Barre is working muscles I never knew I had! The venue is awesome in an old carriage house, and Kristen is a great instructor!” – Laurie 02/12/2017

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Yelp (5/5 stars, 6 reviews)

“I’ve been going to Detroit Barre for over a year now. They are an absolutely amazing group of women. They inspire you to be better, work harder, and complete your personal goals. If barre isn’t your thing… I was go just for the inspiration.” – Ashlee H. 7/17/2018

“Detroit Barre is a much needed and welcomed addition to downtown Detroit. I’ve been taking classes since they opened. All the instructors are wonderful & the classes are challenging without being too complicated or strenuous. I am currently pregnant and Laura has gone out of her way to make me feel comfortable by providing me with modifications and adjustments to allow me to continue getting a good workout while accommodating my changing body and abilities. I would highly recommend.” – Rachelle E. 6/24/2015

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Class Pass  (4.9/5 stars, 100+ reviews)

Fast paced and challenge, but not too difficult that you can’t keep up. Iappreciate gentle posture corrections and reminders. Nice to find a studio where the space is small so no microphone on the instructor is necessary.”

“This class was AMAZING! Laura is a great instructor and really takes the time to make sure you are performing the correct movements. I’ll definitely be back!”

“The instructor had a great balanced teaching style, she was super supportive of my lack of knowledge and yet she still maintained the pace of the class for the students who were more advance. It’s been a while since I’ve worked. She was patient, allowed me to work at my level, and she took the time to give me suggestions to improve my posture so that I could make the adjustments to dig deeper and be less awkward. The vibe of the location is super peaceful and inviting. I actually enjoyed working out today!”

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