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September, 2014

Beats by Barre

Practice Makes Perfect — Naturally, I spend A LOT of time going over exercises; working out the timing and making sure that each workout will optimally cover every muscle group, leaving attendees fatigued (but not overwhelmed), and excited to return!  I try to put together a class that is challenging and fun; a class that I would enjoy taking, including the music – because when it comes to class preparation, choosing the music is my favorite part! 

Mixing it Up — I consider my taste in music to be highly eclectic, and I try to impart my passion for this diversity into the playlist I make for my classes. Like most music fanatics,  I love to explore when it comes to finding new music. Through Pandora, the radio, and (sometimes) my husband, I’m exposed to new music everyday. So typically, I find myself compiling barre mixes with some old and familiar tunes that clients will know, while adding some of my new favorites into the mix.  So don’t be surprised when I bring back the classics : ) Finally, I spend some time reviewing the music I would like and making sure it times out  so that songs and exercises flow. When all the preparation is ready, I get to share what I have planned with you, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

– Jamie

Making the Most of Your Barre Class Part II

Mental Workout:

Barre workouts are mental as much as they are physical! There is always so much to remember and incorporate to maximize the effectiveness of each movement! Concentrate on putting intentional work into each and every movement. Sometimes running through a mental checklist during each exercise can help. Think: Are my abs drawn in? Are my hips tucked under? Am I resisting the movement? Am I breathing?

Set a Goal:

Set a goal for every class. Whether it’s staying in forearm plank for the entire 90 seconds or making it through each thigh set without a break – make attainable, recognizable goals for yourself so you can best appreciate the improvements you are making! Of course there are dozens of things we can each do to take our practice to the next level. But that can be so overwhelming! Recognize the victories you have each and every class and celebrate becoming stronger and stronger every class!

Don’t Compare:

Every person’s body is different. Respect your body and its differences and don’t compare yourself to other people in class. Each of us is built differently and has different limitations – not because there’s something “wrong” with us but that’s simply how our body is! So don’t feel like you’re not doing something right if you can’t get your leg perfectly straight or can’t rotate your leg quite as much in standing pretzel. Work where you are and your body will thank you for it!

Not sure about an exercise in class? Still not sure what tucking is? Talk to a teacher! We teach because we love barre (or are obsessed :)) – and we love nothing more than to share our passion!

– Anna

Check out the Studio

Wondering what our studio looks like? Take a tour of the Detroit Barre studio in our new video by clicking the link below!

Hope you join us for a class soon!

Video Tour of Detroit Barre

Detroit Barre Featured in Model D

Detroit Barre is featured as a startup in an article by Model D!!

“The 1-month-old fitness studio opened in a refurbished carriage house at 2217 Franklin St. near Chene Park, Atwater Brewery, and the Dequindre Cut. The space is 1,500 square feet, half of which is a dedicated workout area. Three instructors teach barre fitness, which is designed to work out the muscles of a dancer with low impact, isometric exercises that combine ideas from ballet, pilates, and yoga.” 

Read the full article here: